How to track data lineage with SQL Server Graph Tables – Part 1 Create Nodes and Edges

Anthony Presents

Where did this data come from?
How can I trust this data?
What impact will changing this field have on other systems?

If you have ever heard or asked any of these questions, then this series of blog posts is for you.

As data volumes continue to grow so too does the need to manage the data estate. One critical aspect with managing the data estate is understanding data ancestry. Thankfully you can leverage SQL Server 2019 Graph tables to track the lineage of one of your most valuable assets, your data.

In this series of blog posts, I will show you how you can use how you can use Graph Tables in SQL Server 2019 to capture and report on data lineage.


  • SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition (You can download a free copy for development use from here )
  • SQL Server Management Studio 18 (You can download a…

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